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  1. Erica Mena son is called Kingand she had him together with his husband named Raul Conde.
  2. She is famous for her fashion sense and her fashion line.
  3. Kirk's mother dies, bringing him and Rasheeda closer together.
  4. Scrap comes home after a three year stint in jail.
  5. So, she broke up with him and decided to raise the baby all by herself.
  6. Issues arise between Joc and Kendra at an all-night rave in Trinidad.

She shared her dark secret abouthow her mom had to fight while his dad was to the medication making her motherto battle than she should possess. Several cast members had their music featured on the show and released singles to coincide with the airing of the episodes. The series chronicles the lives of several women and men in the Atlanta area, involved in hip hop music. Tommie shows up drunk to her family's photo shoot, causing a scene. She had a lengthy with amazingfeet while the body is proven to be hot with slender waist.

Back in Atlanta, Tommie talks with a counsellor about her alcohol issues. She shared this picture of herself and her beau together after their split. Pooh has shocking receipts. Joc, Kirk, and Scrappy venture in to the jungle. Stevie and Sean Garrett get physical at Jessica's baby shower.

Scrapp tries to break the cycle. Her father was a drug dealer who gave her family a hard time. Spice arrives in Trinidad to perform at Machel Monday.

Kelsie brings Kirk, Jasmine and Kannon together. She earns enormous quantity of salary and her net worth is million bucks. Rasheeda meets Kirk's son. Karlie and Mo try to work out their issues in therapy. The season garnered the lowest ratings in the show's history, with its premiere episode down over a million viewers compared to last season.

Erica Mena Net Worth As Of 2018 400 000

Karlie deals with her father's health issues. Although credited, Joc does not appear. Tommie and Spice come to blows. Joc gets in more trouble with Kendra. The cast travel to Houston for Rasheeda's store opening, free single parent dating but Tommie is kicked off the trip after having a drunken meltdown.

Botchey's first green screen appearances. Her father abused her until her mother was released from jail. Scrapp DeLeon helps to put on a charity event. Sierra attempts to make things right between Tokyo and Akbar.

Scrappy and Bambi try to mend things between Momma Dee and Cece. He as her husband pregnant and she has a boy called King. Their suggestion was talk event occasion one of the crowd, in which bow wow suggested Erica from the crimson rug of Bet hip hop awards. Along with the aforementioned, Erica Mena is also searching for her career as a singer at this time.

Stevie J walks off set after a heated argument with Erica Mena. Erica Mena took her modeling career more seriously if she turned into a winner of this competition of Jennifer Lopez look-a-like version search. Spice and Tabius start dating.

The house had been owned by bow wow mum, and it had been an eight-roomed mansion at Atlanta. Sadly, the behavior kept manifesting rather than fading away. Although credited, Stevie J does not appear. Some anticipated they could get married shortly but the union did nottake place. She included theprint effort of Tommy Hilfiger and she had been the spokes model for manycompanies on both the domestic and international level.


Akbar escapes the hood and shares an emotional moment with her son. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Akbar deals with an injury.

Erica Mena Boyfriend Of Sort & Baby Father Revealed Grinding & Dating
Erica Mena Dating Trina

At that point, I was dating a woman and brought her on the show. But dating disappeared shortly, once Erica fulfilled with tee. Rich has also a girl from a former relationship. From Wikipedia, superkombat the free encyclopedia.

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta (season 8)

Her parents are of Puerto Rican and Dominican ethnicity. Karlie accuses Keely of being messy. Jackie This is the last episode featuring Jessica and Shawne. Botchey would also appear in supporting roles. Spice and Tokyo talk it out.

Love & Hip Hop s Erica Mena Unveils Pregnant Belly

She was once from the relationshipwith Scott Storch and she had been participate to Bow wow. All images were non-nude needless to convey to a enormous disappointment particularly one of her male lovers but nevertheless quite revealings. Erica is known as because the star of love and hip hop, caravan hook up due to her fame from the series love and hip hop. She hopes to get greater success in her own life and loves more functions later on.

Love & Hip Hop Stars Safaree & Erica Mena are Engaged

Although credited, Jessica, Erica, and Stevie do not appear. Erica has ever adored the trend and shestarted to replicate the dresses when she was eight decades. Erica tries to make amends with Scrappy. Along with being a version, Erica Mena has emerged in several music videos by well-known artists, including Chris Brown, Akon and Fabolous.

Love & Hip Hop s Erica Mena s Ex-Boyfriend MURDERED - MTO News

In precisely the exact same fashion, Raul Conde dropped for him. Jasmine and Rasheeda finally come face to face. Tokyo and Shekinah talk to Che about her actions at Karlie's engagement party. She dated a great deal of men in her previous days but not one of them made their way into a prosperous married life. Moniece arrives in Atlanta, ready to start a relationship with Scrapp.

Estelita reveals her traumatic past. She even hinted in an interview that Bow had a small package. Just Brittany and Keely fall out. Although not included in the initial cast announcement, rapper Tabius Tate and party promotor K. Erica Mena is a actress, model, singer, Television character and writer.

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Started her career as a television celebrity and put her foot measures in these regions. She identified her curiosity in the subject of arts and opted to follow her enthusiasm to make a living for herself and also to put on a victory in the business. Back in the A, Moniece's collab with Akbar goes all the way left. Tokyo talks to her mom about her personal struggles.

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  • Both of them were talking smack about each other which saw the pair break up.
  • We could even tell that she is a inspiration in her life that has encouraged her to go a bit farther in doing exactly what she always believed she had been capable of performing.
  • Botchey, and plots with Sierra to expose Keely.
  • She dated him for three yearswithout understanding he had been wed.
  • Erica makes a surprising revelation.

Bow Wow Disrespects Ciara During Performance I had this b first


As Nina Parker dives into explosive moments from season eight, Pooh becomes the center of attention when the cast discuss on whether or not Karlie had slept with her and Hiram. She as a human body dimension of in. Mimi tries to educate Spice about American civil rights history, but it backfires. Ty questions Mimi's relationship with Stevie.

Scrapp catches up with Tiarra. Karen struggles to get Scrapp out of jail. Spice considers skin bleaching to help her career. Shooter mourns the death of his son in a shooting. Kendra finds out about the salacious rumors about Joc.

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