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Over the years he has progressed on to a variety of security and surveillance management roles. This comprehensive guide will fast become the bible on the subject, and belongs in the possession of everyone working in casino management and surveillance. Robert began writing his memoirs while a fugitive in Europe waiting for his attorney and a federal prosecutor to reach a deal that was acceptable to him. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon.

The training they provided was a demonstration of magic tricks and old-time cheat moves along with hours of advertisement of why they are the best. Alternatively, email us and we can help too. First and foremost, we are professional roulette system players. Electronic Table Games are becoming a crowd favorite and are taking up an increasing amount of space on casino floors.

It was great to bring someone in who could explain how cheaters work and what they look for inside a casino. Many casinos have reduced floor supervisor levels to cut costs. Additionally, our technology includes integrated hardware that automatically undertakes numerous tasks, including that of the pit boss.

Professional roulette wheel analyzers and winning roulette strategy players cost casinos millions in lost revenue each year. While they don't offer any guarantees, MyHermes tend to deliver your order within two days.

There is also a fair amount of historical information presented, and for many gamers there's a perceived antiquity with many of the older moves and scams. His approach to Blackjack alone is worth the cover price especially if you are willing to study more difficult areas like shuffle tracking and sequence tracking. Maybe your games are already safe, maybe they aren't. Our most effective techniques are reserved solely for our own teams to which we are loyal. The next big casino theft will not be done by smash and grab criminals, but by those criminals who will use your holy grail against you.

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This information is obviously valuable to casino managers, but there are additional explanations geared towards casino management. Like any new game introduced to the floor, casino supervisors and surveillance must be trained and aware of threats to the game. If this sounds unreasonable, pay by mobile phone casino consider that we will demonstrate this to you on any wheel in your casino before you purchase our equipment. We believe these terms to be more than reasonable considering we are going to demonstrate to you an undeniable weakness in your games that you otherwise would not have been aware of. Emerging smart technologies like video analytics and machine-learning software are game changers.

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What is the most effective way to deal with him? Edward Primeau helps courts and law enforcement agencies understand the science and technology of audio and video forensics. ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. Training at Portomaso Casino in Malta.

Oklahoma introduced roulette and craps this year. The book was compiled sequentially, so each chapter should be read in order, yet studied as part of complete work. Okada Manila is a casino resort and hotel complex that opened in December in the Entertainment City in Metro Manila. We are the developers of new roulette wheel analysis software that detects the new form of bias and roulette strategy that ordinary software neglects.

Interested in Casino Game Protection? The game protection bible a must read for anyone in the gaming business. Bill Zender is a highly respected casino consultant specializing in table game protection, management training, table game performance evaluations and court expert witness testimony. As a former pro player, Forte is a goldmine of information for advantage players.

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Suffice to say that many, many different scams, hustles, cheating methods and even a few never before seen techniques are revealed. Ring Smart Home Security Systems. Delegates are encouraged to share their thoughts and ideas.

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You just get to see them live today. Teamwork within a department.

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Forte identifyies many other legitimate authors in this business both from the player and casino perspective that readers might search for additional information. Your lessons were invaluable. This presentation will discuss some of these cases, the scientific research into their ability and how super-recognizers might best be employed within the casino industry. It was very enlightening for my staff. Since the current site is one giant advertisement for my books, and my inventory is gone, this site, including email capability, will be under construction for the next few months.

The book will become a cornerstone in the continuing legacy of Steve Forte. Who runs the Vanishing Inc. How much will this player cost you?

Birds of a Feather Breakaway Meetings offer delegates and exhibitors the opportunity to facilitate and organize groups of people with a common interest to network and discuss issues. At the same time management is adding new games to the floor. With certain techniques, such as false shuffles and card mucks, there are literally hundreds of variations.

While expensive, it's one of the best security books every written. Have a question about this product? What's best way to shuffle and why? Would you like to tell us about a lower price? The networking event of the conference open to all attendees, speakers, sponsors and exhibitors.

Is it possible to control the dice? The seminar was very educational and will benefit all of us. He gives trainees a thorough understanding of the material presented in a way that is relatable to them. The opinions expressed in this book are my own, I alone carry the responsibility. Check Graffiti Boards for presentation schedule.

Download your magic to any device, including our free iPad app. Would you protect yourselves if you were shown the tools and techniques which were going to be used before they did it? Sell on Amazon Start a Selling Account. To learn more go to Competitions. Expect hard-hitting accuracy, detail, thoroughness, perspective, and more genuine knowledge of game protection than ever presented.

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View the show guide at show site to confirm final schedule. He now offers detailed training and seminars to entire casino staffs, including dealers, floor personnel and surveillance. Robert Asiel left his home in Jersey City, New Jersey, in as a sixteen-year-old seeking adventure and a new life. Bill Zender will explain how some of the more popular electronic table games work and offer advice on how to protect them from cheats, thieves and advantage players. Describing them all doesn't serve a useful purpose.

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